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♥Méånt tǿ bé.. - 11.19.ǿ4 -

19 July
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My name is Chelsea Shea, but all my friends call me Bubbles or MB.
Thirteen years old, since o7;19;o5. Sub-freshman currently attending
Appalachia High. Completely &and utterly in love, since 11;19;o4. Basically, I'm just a simple girl who loves designer fashion &and standing out in the pouring rain. Just waiting for him.
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some of my favorite things are- drama, friends yelling across the hall just to say love you, warm huggs on cold days, writing songs &and poems, the mello days after the rain, unexpected kisses, shopping for hours without a care in the world, the sound of leaves blowing across the road, moments when it seems like the world waits for just one moment, cute quotes, holding on &and never wanting to let go, one sudden moment when your heart feels like it's racing through your bloodstream, days when you just feel like partying for ever.
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Seven Louis Collins. Mine since 11;19;o4. How do I say "I love you" enough to make you understand how much I truly care. Envious because our love is effortlessly sweet &and romantically young. I don't think you'll ever completely know how much of me is wrapped up in you. Every moment spent with you bring me to my knees because of the love I feel from your heart. Looking into your eyes, I see your love is truely there.
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